Welcome to Discover Your Compass (DYC)!

If you are reading this page, know, that you are now amongst the most courageous women and men on the planet! Fellow Adventurers looking to adjust course towards fulfillment.

If you feel the need for new direction in your life, know that you have the power to do so, right now. DYC is going to show you how! Your goals, may feel modest, but I assure you, just knowing that you want something different is a bigger part of the battle than you may realize.

Even the slightest of course corrections can result in miracles. In fact, trying to overcorrect is what leads many of us away from our deepest desires, and down false roads. If you have ever found yourself struggling to make, even the smallest, progress towards your dreams, then that all stops today!

How do I know? Because when I started Discover Your Compass, I was going thought the exact same thing. In fact, it took me over a year or starting and restarting to get myself in alignment. Prior to that I was plagued with multiple false starts. Some ended in what others would consider success, but as I looked around, I realized I was not where I belonged. I was unfilled. I started to question success.

I am here to share with you what I have learned over the years. How you can jump start your own journey and learn to Discover Your Own Compass! Are you willing to make small adjustments towards massive results? Are you willing to create and accept your own miracles? If you are nodding your head, or even shouting, YES, outloud, then keep reading.

Step One is a Free Course Module on Eliminating Distractions.

For many of you, it might be all you need to get on track. I  want you to succeed, your fellow adventurers want you to succeed. That is why I am giving away, what I think is the most powerful module from the full course, with no strings attached.

The Eliminating Distractions Module changed my life. It gave me the focus I needed to pursue more than I ever thought possible, by doing less. However, do not confuse doing less, with being lazy, watching TV and manifesting your dreams. Doing less can require far more work than many of us are prepared for. In fact, it took me several false starts before it finally clicked. The full program, will help you find the strength to do more, by doing less. But, everyone can benefit from the Eliminating Distractions Module. For this reason, I want you to have it for Free!

Join Your Fellow Adventurers

For those who need little more guidance, DYC has you covered, and we’d love to help you out. For some,  it might be taking the full course, for others we offer private coaching. For everyone, who signs up for any of the programs (Yes, even the Free Ones), we welcome you to join our DYC Facebook Adventurers Group. Along with your fellow adventurers, you can collaborate to help others and in turn to identify and pursue our own unique direction.

I cannot wait to meet you. Please sign-up, for free today, today to begin your journey!

Thank You – Joe Trey (CAH: Chief Adventure Hermit)