What difference do you want to make?

The Journey of 1000 Miles

This is my 3rd attempt to write this post. Each version has resulted in thousands of words and multiple tangents. All of which, in the future, will probably end up as multiple blog posts. But, for now, how do I answer this?

What difference do I want to make?

I want to help people get out of their own way before they run themselves over! Think about it. Anything that is standing still runs the risk of being hit and run over. Just ask my sister, who’s car was hit in the middle of the night. She loved her car. But as it sat there, legally park on the side of the road, unmoving, while she slept safely inside of her home, a driver came up the street slammed into her car and totaled it. She woke up to a hit and run and a totaled car!

This can happen to our lives if we are not careful. Worse yet, if we looks closely, we are the ones behind the wheel! If we do not take control and get moving we will run stagnant selves over with fear and doubt. Our time on this rock is unknown, so delaying is not an option. If we have something we want to say or do, then now is the time. Fear is temporary, but regret lasts forever. I am afraid about a bajillion times a week, but I have very few regrets. By the way, I looked it up. Bajillion is actually a word. Thanks Google!

I want to help you to take your first step. Then the next, and the next. Until you are walking on your own.. Whether you want to travel more, learn to appreciate your current home, get a new job, learn to appreciate your current job, quit your current job, start something new, stop something old, do less of something, do more of something, write a book, go out to dinner on your own, go out to dinner with someone special, learn to play the ukulele, start a business, help others, help yourself. Whatever! It all starts with a first step.

The blank page offers infinite possibility. This can be liberating or absolutely crippling. It’s all a matter of perspective. A page filled with ideas can be just as daunting. The simple trick is taking the first step. Testing your surroundings, and then taking your next step. It sounds so easy, and yet, we all know how hard it is. As the saying goes, “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” But the truth is everyone could be doing it. By writing that last sentence, I just did it.

 The saddest song, is the song unwritten.
 Trapped inside of its creator mind.
 Blocked by fear and doubt.
     Screaming to break free.
        ~ Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit)

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough . . .  and Gosh Darn it People like Me!

When my oldest daughter, Sophia, was born, I was terrified she might not be able to walk and talk, because I wouldn’t know how to teach her. But, then we figured it out together. Now, she walks just fine, and I don’t think I have to tell anyone out there, just how much a 13 year old girl can talk! Here’s a quick shot of her learning to Rock Out when she was about 4. It ended in tragedy, at least until the tooth fairy came later that night.

I know this post risks wreaking of an old Stuart Smalley, SNL Sketch, but I believe in everything I wrote here today. Whatever song you have in your heart, no matter how big, or how small, I want to help you start your journey. Every day you wait is a day you fall further behind. But, each step you take, no matter how small, brings you further from your current stagnation and closer to your goal! Once you succeed, you might choose to shout it from the mountain tops. You may tell only a select few friends and/or family. You might simply keep it to yourself. What is important, is that you do it for you. I can help you start!

4 Comments on “What difference do you want to make?”

  1. Awwww Sophia! I know it hurt at first but the rewards from the tooth fairy was AWESOME! ROCK ON! This post was intriguing. We do have to get out of our own way. It is the best and only way to move forward! Thanks for the post!

    1. Candice – thanks for commenting. I, sincerely, appreciate it! As for Sophia, she’s still rocking! I told her broken teeth are all part of Rock and Roll!

  2. Hi Joe
    That third attempt wasn’t half bad! Nice words. You’ve had some interesting adventures on your long trail. I look forward to reading some more of them.

    I too am enticed and stimulated by a blank page. Hopefully the LYL blog challenge will give me some ideas about how to fill a few!


    1. Thanks Anthony. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing how you fill your blank pages!

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