2) Temple of the Dog (Hunger Strike) Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

Cornell & Bennington

Favorite Line or Lyric: I can’t feed on the powerless, when my cup’s already overfilled . . .


Week two sees me once again bumping the first song I ever planned on adding to Wednesday Music. When I heard about the passing of Chester Bennington. I don’t think I would call myself a Linkin Park fan. I like their music, but I don’t think I ever purchased any “albums.” But I very much admired the man and what he and his band mates accomplished. On the other hand, Chris Cornell changed my world when I first saw and head him the movie SINGLES, when I was in college.

Hearing how close Chris and Chester were, as well as all of the insane coincidences surrounding their deaths. I had to find something that pulled it all together. I love finding connections, and this weeks song is filled with them. In the 00’s Soundgarden and LinkinPark toured together. This gave Chris and Chester a chance to pull out Hunger Strike on several nights of the tour, with Chester taking on the Eddie Vedder parts.

The song was part of a tribute album for fellow Seattle musician, Andrew Wood, from the band Mother Love Bone. He had recently died from a heroine overdose. It was written by written by Chris and performed by a combination of musicians that called themselves, Temple of the Dog. It’s members included musicians from Soundgarden and, the just forming, Pearl Jam. The second single, from the album, Say Hello 2 Heaven, was also penned by Cornell, and also went on to great success.

Year, after year great musicians pass. But the ones that takes their own lives intentionally, for whatever reason, seem to hit home even harder. I was deeply sadness when Chris Cornell killed himself. He didn’t seem destined for it, the way fellow Nirvana, musician Kurt Cobain did. I cannot imagine the grief that Chester felt to bring himself to copycat Chris’ death, in addition to leaving behind six children and a wife.

Suicide is not the answer to any problem. Although many of us have probably felt like it could be. This performance is just one example of the great void created in the world when incredibly special people leave us too soon. We are all incredibly special in our own way and to others, whether we realize it or not. Please let this song, inspire you stay in this world and contribute, no matter how hard it may get.

Artist: Temple of the Dog, Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

Song: Hunger Strike

Genre: Seattle Grunge

Music Stuff: Second verse same as the first. Cornell had felt he said everything he needed to in the first verse. So, rather than add more words, he simply had Eddie Vedder sing the same words in a different style. The lyrics represented the struggle that Chris had with people not being able to simply be grateful. But, needing to have more at the expense of others.

Official members were, Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron. Eddie Vedder was listed in the liner notes as guest. In fact, he was was meeting his future band mates as well as the rest of the musicians, for the first time ever, when they got together to record this song on October 8, 1990. The song is credited as being Eddie Vedder’s first major label vocal. Albeit, a memorable one. The imminent success of both bands has given this song legendary status in the Seattle Grunge archive.

Release Year: April 16, 1991

Album(s): Temple of the Dog (Self-titled album)


Full Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/templeofthedog/hungerstrike.html

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