Approved StampLife is Short.

Don’t wait for Permission.

Give it!

Do you struggle to put yourself first?

Do you put off your “Wants” for your “Have To’s?”

Do you find yourself stuck, waiting for someone else to give you permission
to do what you want?

We have some exciting news. Personal Permission Slips! Now, perhaps for the first time, you have permission to do anything!

Keep them with you as a reminder. Hang them up around your house. Best of all, if you get caught doing something wacky, by a boss, friend, family member or hall monitor, just hand them your official permission slip and keep on rolling!

If you’re feeling generous, make copies to share with friends. Want to make a strangers day? Give one to a cashier, your favorite barista or leave one, with a tip, the next time you eat out.

Download the Free Personal Permission Slips.
Fill in your name, sign and date it. You’re done!


Your download includes a page full of pre-made permission slips (like the example above).
There’s a Bonus second page of blank slips for you to create custom slips

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What would you like permission to do? After you download your FREE Permission slips, please take a moment to share some of your ideas. We are just getting started, and we’d love to incorporate your suggestions into future Permission Slips. If you don’t want a free copy, no problem. You can still submit your ideas here:

Thank you for your help!
Joe (Adventure Hermit)

Click Here to Get Your Free Permission Slips

Many ideas will overlap, or have possibly already been used. By submitting an idea, you acknowledge that you are submitting without expectation of compensation or specific credit.